Carolina Adoption Services is not accepting families for Kenya adoptions at this time.  Effective on November 26, 2014, Kenya’s Cabinet placed a moratorium on inter-country adoptions while they review their adoption process and laws.  Read more at the US State Department Intercountry Adoption website.

Kenya Adoption Overview

Program Sheet

Program Coordinator: Angela Jackson

Children Available: Age 12 months and older.  The Kenyan government strictly prohibits adoptions of pre-identified children unless they are a relative.

Parent Requirements: 25 to 65 years old; couples married 3 years or more; single women considered on a case-by-case basis.

Travel Requirements: 10 to 15 month stay in Kenya

Adoption Timeline:
4 to 5 months from dossier submission to match to a child
1-2 months from match until foster period begins

More Details: Kenya Adoption with Carolina Adoption Services

Our Kenya Adoption Program & Process

Adopting a child from Kenya is a wonderful option for families living abroad in Kenya for an extended period of time or who are looking forward to an amazing year-long adventure in another country.  The Kenyan government requires adoptive couples to relocate to Kenya for approximately 10 to 15 months.

Carolina Adoption Services is on hand to help with the specific requirements of applying for adoption in Kenya and to coordinate post-adoption reports. Our staff will assist families in assembling and submitting their adoption dossier.

A match with a child typically is available about 4 to 5 months after dossier submission. Upon approval, the family will begin their stay in Kenya.

Shortly after arrival, the family will meet the adoptive child and spend about three weeks visiting with the child in the orphanage. Next, families set up a household in Kenya to spend a mandatory three month fostering period, where a Kenyan social worker will periodically visit to assess the child’s well-being and the family’s adjustment.

Following the initial three months fostering period, 3 to 4 court hearings will be scheduled to process your adoption. The hearings should be completed in 6 to 8 months, making the entire stay in Kenya last approximately 10 to 12 months.

At least one of the prospective parents must reside in Kenya for the entire period. Both parents and your child must be present for all court hearings in Kenya.

Kenya requires 11 post-adoption reports. The first 3 reports are social-worker generated. The remaining reports are family generated. There are additional requirements for post-adoption from Kenya; Carolina Adoption Services’ post-adoption coordinator assists families with these needs upon return.

Kenya Adoption: Regarding Relative Adoptions

Under U.S. and Kenyan law, former Kenyan nationals who are now U.S. citizens must go through the same adoption process as any U.S. citizen when seeking to adopt a relative. The mandatory fostering period may or may not be shortened in adoptions of relatives.

Prior to a family submitting an application to Carolina Adoption Services, we will assist you in determining if the Kenyan government has found the child eligible for adoption.

Kenya Adoption: The Country

The Republic of Kenya is in East Africa, bordering the Indian Sea. Once a colony in the British Empire, it has been independent since 1963. Agriculture, telecommunications and tourism are leading industries in the country, with tourism centering on the country’s beautiful landscape and wildlife. A Kenyan safari is a popular vacation option for travelers from around the globe.

Nairobi is the country’s capital and largest city, as well as a regional hub for commerce for all of East Africa.

Kenyans place a high priority on matters of faith. Most of the country’s 33 million people are Christian, but there is also a large Muslim population as well as a sizable Hindu community. Kenya has two main languages: English and Swahili.

Approximately 42 tribes and associated cultures exist within Kenya and influence daily life, including government elections. Loyalty to one’s tribe is commonplace.

Primary school education is free to Kenyan children (their first 8 years of school), but completing the equivalent of high school requires families to pay school fees for secondary education.

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