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CAS Announces Mexican Adoption Agreement

by Staff
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Carolina Adoption Services has been invited to the Yucatan Peninsula to sign an agreement of cooperation with Mexico’s adoption authority. CAS executive director, Julie Glandt, and program coordinator, Angela Jackson, traveled to the Yucatan from September 9-12 to meet with officials regarding the adoption process. During their stay, they were able to meet with the […]

Help CAS Pack for Haiti

by Staff
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Allie Hamel, our program coordinator for Haiti, will be visiting our friends at Maison des Anges crèche at the end of June. Maison des Anges, the House of Angels, has been our Haiti adoption partner for several years. In addition to forming many happy families, CAS is also committed to offering ongoing needed support for […]

Your Home Study

by Staff
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Your home study is a very important first step to your adoption.  It helps all the people involved in the placement of your child understand who you are as a family, while also preparing you for a successful placement through adoptive education. Carolina Adoption Services helps hundreds of families a year in North Carolina, South […]

Celebrating Mothers

by Staff
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If you are searching for the perfect, meaningful way to honor a mom, birthmother, grandmother, or special woman on Mother’s Day, please join CAS in Celebrating Mothers! Our Celebrating Mothers campaign invites you to share a photo and special message with CAS and contribute a donation in honor of the mothers in your life. Do […]

Haiti Joins the Hague Convention

by Staff
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The country of Haiti is now officially a Hague Convention partner as of April 1st.  After months of careful preparation and planning between partners in the Haitian and US Governments, Haiti has made a relatively smooth transition to the Hague, happily with no disruption to families in the adoption process!  Haiti has become the first […]

The Red Thread

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Building a family, whether through birth or adoption, is always a joyful experience. When couples who already have children adopt, that experience is shared not only by Mom and Dad, but by older brothers and sisters too.  The first peek at that tiny referral photo, received in the mail from the adoption agency, creates a […]

A Shared Heritage

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When my husband and I started to consider international adoption, we did not look at a world map and wonder to which point, on which continent, our journey would take us.  We considered a part of Europe where I knew children were waiting: in the small country of Moldova, where they would share my Romanian […]

Walk to Celebrate Families

by Staff
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This year Team CAS is walking in The Human Race community 5K in honor of adoptive families.  Join us as we celebrate all families brought together by the gift of adoption! Save the Date for the annual CAS walk at the Human Race: Date: Saturday, March 29th, 2014 Location: The Greensboro Coliseum Complex, Greensboro, NC The Human […]

From the South Korea Coordinator’s Desk

by Staff
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Hello, I’m Heather Gordon, and as the CAS program coordinator for the South Korea program, I am honored to work with many happy families to help bring home their beautiful children from South Korea.  Families just beginning the process may not realize that the country’s process has changed somewhat in the past year.  In the […]