Carolina Adoption Services works directly with partner orphanages in Uganda.  Our mission is to bring children together with loving families and to assist orphanages in meeting the needs of the children in their care. The orphanages are non-profit and the caregivers do their best to provide excellent care within limited means.  Through our partnerships, Carolina Adoption Services provides direct support to assist with provisions, medical care, schooling, and more.  The Orphan Care: Uganda project offers you the opportunity to give directly to these children awaiting their forever families.

Our current Orphan Care: Uganda projects include support for four homes, as well as village outreach efforts in rural areas. We have recently been able to purchase new shoes for 23 children, install a stove and cooktop in one home, and buy bulk supplies for two homes.

CAS is also assisting one of our partners in Uganda to open and maintain a second baby home.  The Director of Agape House opened Agape Baby Home in the summer of 2015.  Needs for this project range from staffing, to laundry and kitchen equipment, to baby care items and toiletries: Agape Baby Home Wishlist

Photos of the new facility:

Agape Baby Home Collage

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The children and CAS thank you!

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