beth family
“Thanks to CAS, we were able to become a family. CAS is dedicated to improving children’s lives by carefully matching them with their forever families. We experienced this firsthand when we completed our first adoption in 2005, and were so pleased that we chose them again in 2012 to bring home our second child. When we chose CAS, we chose an agency who’s first priority is the children, exactly as it should be.  We are very blessed to have our daughters in our lives and are thankful for CAS helping make our dreams of a family come true.”

bonnie family
“Out of all the agencies we could have chosen, we chose Carolina Adoption Services for their commitment and dedication to families wishing to start the adoption journey. Partnering with a small agency like CAS, allowed us to receive more personalized attention and helped us to develop a close relationship with our program coordinator. We were able to discuss our hopes, dreams, worries, and concerns throughout the process to people who truly care about you and your future family! We have Carolina Adoption Services to thank for helping us to bring our little girl home!”

william family
“In 2005 we adopted our son, Jae, through the CAS Korean Adoption Program. Of course, words cannot describe our love of this little boy and the ways in which he has blessed our family’s life every day. Adoption of any kind, international or otherwise, is an absolute gift for everyone involved. And, from our experience, there are none any better in the world of adoption than Carolina Adoption Services. Their resources, knowledge, compassion and efficiency were invaluable to us at every step. We will always feel immense gratitude to and affection for this agency!”
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